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  Appealing all lewa members!  

Help us run Wajantri Free to ensure all can take benfit of the service!

We have grown in last 4 years from few profiles to more than 5000 profiles today with more then 30,000 visits per day. It's been very good and we are very happy to receive emails and phone saying it is helping the community and tying many marriage knots. The journey was not complete without support of all of you and some sponsors.

You may have seen sometimes site is not working in past this is due to increase in load on the servers, as we exceed capacity which we buy. To run it today we spend more than 25,000 to 30,000 per year. Though we think with some contributors today we can run it smoothly, sometimes we get warnings from the hosting company about load. So we thought we will appeal the community to help us in whatever way they can to ensure we have some funds to ensure we have the site live.

If you send us the details, we will also be happy to showcase your names online as contributors.

  How to help?  

Anyone can drop/transfer cash/cheques to the bank account mentioned below, every contrbution even small helps.

A/C holder: Swati Patil
Bank: ICICI Bank,
Branch: Kammanhalli, Bangalore
A/C No: 625 201 050 323

Please mention - Wajantri Donation as remarks in transactions.

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