Help turture the Talent in our community!

1.Sponsor Awards in various categories like Academics, Sports, Social Work or spot awards.
2. Showcase Talent online on Wajantri.co for community to know
3. Claim your awards if you are matching to certain criterias se by the award sponsors

  Current Awards
Sr. No
Award Name Description
Prof. A P Patil Physics Award Topper in physics in 12th standard. Ideally to the candidate who scores full marks or the topper in Lewa Patil community
Rs. 551
Bhushan Patil To the lewa patil CET topper who gets admitted in the MIT, Pune in Mechanical Branch
Rs. 1001
Dr. Sarode Medical Award Students who gets Medical admission and maximum marks in CET
Rs. 1001
Shri.Dnyanadev Vyankat Narkhede, Chinawal/Japan Studentswith higest percentage in 12th across Arts, Science, Sommerence background
Rs. 551
Wajantri.com - Family award Family:Couple who does not take any dowry and staying in Jalgaon in lagansarai starting from diwali in 2010
Photo Showcase on Wajantri.com
Gas Shegadi
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How it works?

Any lewa patil community member can have the awards (Money, physical item, shields, etc) in his/her or his relatives name and set a criteria for the same. We will promote these awards to all the lewa patil samaj and call for the claims by the talented students or people in our community with certain dates.

Wajantri will connect the entries qualified for the award with the sponsors for the transfer of money or respective incentive to his/her address.

Wajantri.com does not take any cuts from these awards so it is advisable for sponsors to directly transfer/ship the awards to the toppers.

For more questions write to - admin@wajantri.com

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