Bharit-bhakari by Anasuya Patil

Wangyache Bharit, is a special khandeshi dish made typically by Lewa patil's of Maharashtra. Bharit Puri or bharit bhakari with koshimbir is a best menu for many ocassions and parties for lewa patils. brings you a special edition of recipe of making of a khandeshi bharit. From Leva patil people now many other religions are adopting this receipe and making the events happening.

For Wangyache Bharit
, take good large green brinjals and roast them ideally out of the house in the backyard or if not on the gas. Ensure while roasting you keep turning the brijals enough to get them roasted across all the sides. For this you may also poke some holes in the brinjal prior to ensure heat goes fat within. If you are cooking them on the gas ensure to keep a pan below the gas to collect the oil disperesed from while roasting the brianjals. After 15/20 minutes of good heating take off the peals of the brinjal (typically roasted black) and put the inside brinjal dow in a bowl (called as Badgi). In parallel do roast some chillies (ideally few ones) and then some normal as per your taste say 1 chilly for 1 brinjal. keep the thick ones aside and add the others into the bowl. You may wish to add some ginger, garlik too in the bowl. This bowl is a key ingradient for the success of your bharit. Now you can mash the dow woth other stuff to make it semi homogeneous paste. Ideal is not to use any mixer. Ones done you can add salt as per your needs again in the same bowl and mix it thoroughly . Now you are half done, you can actually try this raw bharit with a puri or chapati for taste. Next is frying, take a pan and put basic ingradeints for cooking like oil, masalas etc. Put the mashed bharata in the same and let it cook for about 5 min on medium flame. In parallel cut some onion leaves (kandyachi pat) and add it to the same. Ensure you have enough oil floating arodund the bharata. If you have cooked the stuff well you would see additional oil coming from the brinjals. Now in another pan take the thicker roasted chillies and fry them with good amount of salt and lemon juce. Put some of he chillies with corriender with some water from this mix on the bharit which you have cooked. Keep some chillies aside for side tasting. Now your bharit is ready to serve, it hot!

Say thanks to, Lewa patil, Leva patil and lewa patidar religion for this invention.


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